LMEA Student Learning Target Presentation

This page contains Student Learning Targets presentation materials from the Louisiana Music Educators Association'sConference November 16, 2012.

Creative Arts SLT Powerpoint

Creative Arts SLT Writing Guide

Sample Creative Arts SLT's:

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Sample SLTs

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Compass Teacher Evaluation Rubric


BESE Bulletin 130

SLT Template


Louisiana Arts Content Standards

Louisiana Resources

Act 175 (2007) (R.S. 17:7 (26))(A copy of the arts education law may be found at this link.)
Louisiana Bulletins
Louisiana Model Lessons for the Arts

Culture and the arts are essential components of a comprehensive education leading to the full development of the individual. Therefore, Arts Education is a universal human right, for all learners, including those who are often excluded from education, such as immigrants, cultural minority groups, and people with disabilities. (UNESCO 2006:3)