Information that was presented at the Louisiana Music Educators Association's and the Louisiana Association of Parish Textbook Administrators 2011 annual conferences is posted here. Thank you to all of the people that stopped by my sessions at LMEA. If there is something that you heard in one of the sessions and do not see it here, please send me an email (found in the Louisiana Musician).

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Act 175 (2007) (R.S. 17:7 (26))(A copy of the arts education law may be found at this link.)
Louisiana Bulletins
Louisiana Model Lessons for the Arts
Louisiana Department of Education

The link is to a video of LSU's Dean Kaptain presenting some of the work from the dissertation. View minute 7:35.

The Relationship between Music and Visual Arts Formal Study and Academic Achievement on the Eighth-Grade Louisiana Educational Assessment Program (LEAP) Test.
A physical copy is available through the State Library of Louisiana.

Books mentioned
Music Advocacy: Moving from Survival to Vision
Strong Art, Strong Schools:The Promising Potential and Shortsighted Disregard of the Arts in American Schooling
Why Our Schools Need the Arts
Why Our High Schools Need the Arts

Music Matters was mentioned in the presentations.
Publications can be downloaded for free.
Arts Education Partnership
National Coalition for Core Arts Standards
The Effects of High-Stakes Testing Policy on Arts Education will be published in the January 2012 edition of Arts Education Policy Review.

Summit Links
A copy of the legislation can be found at - http://www.louisianaschools.net/curriculum/arts_web_resources.html
Fine Arts Survey Questions

The Creativity Crisis - Newsweek - July 10, 2010
Creativity Index for Schools - Mass. Cultural Council - July 9, 2010